New Zealand Labour Party

Positive Politics: Let's work together for Kiwis

Since being in Government, we've been busy rebuilding critical infrastructure and funding those public services calling out for help.

Yet, at every move along the way, a negative Opposition has been determined to make the path towards progress as difficult as possible.

At the end of the day, Kiwis expect us to pull together and put people before politics.

Our hospitals and schools shouldn’t have to suffer because of political point-scoring and party antics.

Our roads and houses shouldn’t deteriorate because some politicians choose to stand in the way.

Despite this - National is threatening to cancel or repeal a great deal of progress should they return to power.


Warm, dry housing is the bare minimum we can ensure Kiwis and their families. We’ve introduced a number of different policies to make sure everyone is warm and healthy this winter, including the Healthy Homes Bill and the Winter Energy Payment. National have said they would cancel both.


We are working towards making sure both businesses and workers get a fair deal. Fair Pay Agreements will mean businesses and workers can negotiate the minimum terms of employment specific to their industry. It's a great step towards making sure workers are looked after and good businesses don't lose out to those with shoddy practices. However, even before the proper laws have been set out, National have said they would overturn any Fair Pay Agreements. This knee-jerk response is a classic example of mindless opposition - without considering what's Kiwis truly want and need.


So many Kiwis now rent their homes. We wanted to make renting fairer and more affordable, so we introduced a Bill to ban letting fees on rental properties. National voted against this, and would reintroduce this unfair practice - once more making it harder for Kiwis to find somewhere to live.


We are doing a number of things to make it easier to raise a family in New Zealand.  Alongside boosting support for working families, our Best Start Payment and 26 weeks paid parental leave for all new parents will make sure Kiwi babies get the best start in life. National voted against all of it.


One of the first things we did upon entering government was to introduce legislation that would block overseas speculators from purchasing existing residential property in New Zealand, which is driving up the price of homes for Kiwis. National have said they would repeal this ban and allow foreign investors back to drive up residential house prices.


We decided against building a mega-prison at Waikeria. The last thing New Zealand needs is an American-style mega-prison that incarcerates masses of low-level offenders. It’s been proven that the only function of these mega-prisons are as training-grounds for low-level criminals to commit higher-level crimes upon release. It hasn’t worked overseas, it won’t work here – and, most importantly, Kiwis don't want it. Despite all this, National opposes our decision and claims they would build the prison regardless.


There's no doubt about it - negative politics hurts Kiwis.

There’s no point to opposing change just for the sake of it – especially when it stops our country from moving forward.

The needs of New Zealanders are more important than game-playing and political point-scoring.


Our Government is committed to moving forward together, to a brighter, more positive future for Aotearoa and everyone who lives here. 

We hope others will join us.

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