Predictable result of unfair law changes

National’s destructive labour laws have forced 1000 workers at Talley's-owned freezing works AFFCO into taking strike action just to keep their employer at the bargaining table, Labour’s spokesperson on Labour Issues Iain Lees-Galloway says.

“The Government only has itself to blame for this strike. AFFCO workers are taking action in response to Talley's application to walk away from bargaining after a year and a half of negotiating - something they can only do because National changed the law.

"Because the Government took away the need for employers to finish negotiations in good faith, these workers have no choice but to take industrial action to try to bring them back to the table.

"National has tipped the scales toward bad employers with this law change and now that's escalating industrial problems. It was entirely predictable but they did it anyway.

“True to form, National has backed bad employers over New Zealanders’ rights at work - they're doing the same thing with their health and safety changes.

"Rather than reward bad employers who exploit hard-working Kiwis, the Government should listen to mainstream business and unions and fix this legislative mess."