New Zealand Labour Party

Prime Minister must honour his promise

It’s time for John Key to honour his promise to the Pike River families, says Labour MP Damien O’Connor. 

“International mine experts have confirmed the view of WorkSafe New Zealand and many miners on the West Coast that it is safe and reasonable to re-enter the Pike River mine drift and recover any bodies and any evidence in that drift area. 


 “John Key, as Prime Minister, promised the Pike River families that “everything that could be done would be done” to recover their men.  

“He must step in and instruct the board of Solid Energy to consider seriously all the evidence and opinions put before them by the independent mine experts employed by the families . 

“While Solid Energy have been handed ownership of the mine by John Key and his ministers, they cannot turn their back on promises made by the Prime Minister when the risks they refer to are managed every day by most commercial companies in this country. 

“The families of the Pike River miners who lost their lives in this terrible disaster deserve the Prime Ministers backing, and it is time for him to deliver on his promise,” says Damien O’Connor.