New Zealand Labour Party

Prime Minister’s Award to encourage young people into trades training

Labour will introduce a $2,000 award for the best pupil in vocational courses in each public secondary school, says Leader of the Opposition Jacinda Ardern.

“We know there’s huge demand for trades workers, particularly in the building sector, where construction is now going into reverse due, in part, to a lack of workers.

“We need to do more to encourage pupils who have shown talent in vocational education to keep training and pursue a career, and to lift the profile and importance of the trades in New Zealand.

“Under a Labour government the top pupil at each public high school in vocational subjects every year will receive a $2,000 Prime Minister’s Vocational Excellence Award. That’s up to 500 pupils every year.

“My hope is that the Prime Minister’s Vocational Excellence Award will help young people continue into trades training and get qualified after school.

“I also want to see more schools offering vocational courses, and working with pupils who show a preference for these topics over traditional core subjects.

“Along with Labour’s KiwiBuild Visa, our Dole for Apprenticeships plan, and fees free post-school education and training, this award will see more young people go into these vital jobs,” says Jacinda Ardern.