New Zealand Labour Party

Prime Minister should give Police Minister some backbone

The Prime Minister should condemn the ridiculously light sentence given to Nikolas Delegat for seriously assaulting a police woman, Labour’s Police spokesman Stuart Nash says.

“Six years ago when there was a series of attacks against police officers, John Key said the Government had a duty to send a signal that such attacks were unacceptable.

“An attack on a policewoman who was assaulted so badly she spent 15 days in hospital and was on sick leave for two months, warrants a jail term, not continued silence from the Government.

“When Judith Collins first became Police Minister she was a tough talking woman who stood up for the men and women on the front line. What has changed so much that she’s now publicly silent?

“Nikolas Delegat, son of rich-lister Jim Delegat, seriously assaulted the female police officer to the point where she was knocked unconscious. It gets worse because he kept punching her even after she was knocked out. He then resisted arrest, but was only charged with assault.

“The proper charge for punching a police officer is not plain assault, but aggravated assault, which includes attacking an officer in the line of duty and carries a maximum jail term of three years. Minister Collins should be asking why Delegat was not charged under the more appropriate crime.

“The Prime Minister and the Police Minister must come out and condemn the sentence as totally inadequate and state that Crown Law will appeal. This would send a very clear message that this type of behaviour, against Police will not be tolerated by our communities and offenders will be punished accordingly,” Stuart Nash says.