New Zealand Labour Party

Private schools beneficiaries of extra cash

Plans to give more taxpayer money to private schools at a time when state schools are struggling to make ends meet says everything about the National Government’s twisted priorities, Labour’s Education spokesperson Chris Hipkins says.

“Not only did this year’s Budget freeze operational funding for state schools, but 86 per cent of secondary school principals say they don’t get enough funding, and the demand for school donations from parents is rising at 10 times the rate of inflation.

“Now we’ve got Hekia Parata proposing more cash for private schools.

“Even John Key has admitted private schools, which are effectively run as businesses, are better resourced and have smaller class sizes than state schools.

“Students attending private schools already get a far better deal than their state school counterparts.

“Around 85 per cent of Kiwi kids go to a state school so it’s particularly galling that Hekia Parata is claiming this is about equity.

“It’s not, it’s about throwing money at some of the most privileged kids in the education system.

“The same day we find out 10 per cent of people own 60 per cent of New Zealand’s wealth National confirms more money for private schools.

“That tells you everything about this Government’s priorities - they’re entrenching privilege, plain and simple,” Chris Hipkins says.