New Zealand Labour Party

Public Services

Our vision is for:

  • A public service which is valued for its role in an active participatory democracy, that is, serving the democratically elected government of the day with free and frank advice, and protecting NZ citizens from the excessive use of Executive power.
  • A public service which consists of equally paid women and men with skill and experience to advise Ministers on the implications of their decisions and deliver constant improvement in services to the public.
  • A public service with institutional memory, capacity and capability to serve Ministers and the public efficiently with high quality policy advice and effective administration.
  • A public service which is always open to change and modernisation for the sake of better public service delivery, is responsive to diversity, and recognises that the users of public services are entitled to the best customer services and respect.
  • A public service which is characterised by integrity, courage, a sense of self-worth and a clear understanding of the importance of their role in protecting and delivering on services which underpin our care of citizens.

Community and Voluntary Sector

The community and voluntary sector is an important part of our democracy. It is a place where ordinary citizens can develop the organisations that create our rich and diverse civil society. For over 100 years voluntary sector organisations have worked beside government to respond to social need in New Zealand by developing their own organisations and their own, often highly innovative, social services. Our history and small size has meant that the organisations have often been dependent on government funding. This dependency worked because government saw that it had a role to play in supporting the development of civil society.

Labour will:

  • Work with the sector to establish long-term funding cycles and transparent processes so that sector organisations have some certainty in their planning and delivery of services
  • Ensure that community and voluntary organisations can engage in advocacy without fear of losing government contracts or their charitable status
  • Recognise and honour the vital role of volunteers in building a resilient community and nation.

Read our full policy here.

Accident Compensation 

Labour will: 

  • Maintain ACC as a publicly administered and delivered social insurance scheme which provides comprehensive and universal personal injury coverage for all New Zealanders
  • Make the ACC system fairer and more transparent for claimants, by implementing the findings of the Dean report
  • Relieve legislative restrictions to allow for fairer compensation and better rehabilitation.

Read our full ACC policy here

Internal Affairs 

Labour will:

  • Protect the independence of Archives New Zealand and the National Library
  • Conduct a thorough review of gambling law, regulation, policy and provision to reduce harm
  • Maintain the role of licensing trusts.

Read our full policy here

Civil Defence

Labour will: 

  • Lead, and implement the findings of, a Cross-Party Review of Civil Defence
  • Ensure recovery planning is embedded in our preparedness planning and training and develop a more sustainable volunteer base.
  • Establish a 24/7/365 Day warning system for tsunamis and other emergencies and ensure consistent informed communications about emergencies. 

Read our full policy here