New Zealand Labour Party

Rail commitment better late than never

Labour’s Auckland Issues spokesperson Phil Twyford says a report the Prime Minister is to announce a funding commitment for the City Rail Link is ‘better five years late than never’. 

“National’s foot dragging on Auckland transport has held back the city’s growth and prosperity. The Government played politics with Auckland transport by setting bogus targets on rail patronage and CBD employment that they themselves have abandoned as ridiculous.  Meanwhile the city’s residents have been left to sweat it out in gridlocked streets.

“Only a few years ago National Ministers were mocking and deriding the City Rail Link. Now finally it appears the Government is about to get on board with what Auckland has been saying for several years now, that the City Rail Link is the number one priority project and needs to be funded ASAP. 

“The CRL will allow the trains to run as frequently as every five minutes. It will make rail the backbone of Auckland’s rapid transit network,” says Phil Twyford.