New Zealand Labour Party

Rattled Nats announce slapdash roads policy


The Government rattled by the polls, has announced a poorly thought through slapdash policy for new Roads of National Significance, says Labour’s Transport spokesperson Michael Wood. 

“There is a complete lack of any answers in National’s plan to build 10 new roads of National Significance (RONs). They want to spend $10.5 billion on these new RONs without a business case.


“While we welcome any investment in transport infrastructure, the fact is that we have a growing deficit in infrastructure after nine years of National. 

“This latest proposal is not a coherent plan, there is no timeline, no cost-benefit analysis and no clear idea why these particular roads have been chosen for RONs status. 

“It looks to me that this a gambit based on the latest polls and short term political advantage rather than any proper planning. 

“Labour will spend money wisely. We will build a transport system that integrates all modes of transport together. 

“We have already committed to building light rail to Auckland Airport and in Christchurch that will deliver for all New Zealanders. That is just the start of Labour’s transport policy announcements,” says Michael Wood.