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What we've already delivered for New Zealanders

We are committed to tackling the long-term challenges facing New Zealanders. We’re fixing problems that have accumulated over many years and were ignored by the last government.

Under Labour, unemployment is down and wages are up.

We’ve lifted tens of thousands of children out of poverty, we’ve put the free back into free education, and we’ve made the largest ever investment in mental health care.

Our responsible economic management has delivered a healthy surplus and our Budget investments will help New Zealand stay ahead of global economic headwinds.

We are taking a balanced approach, focusing first on the things that really matter to New Zealanders like making sure our kids aren’t growing up in cars, fixing our rotting hospitals and cleaning up our rivers.

Our plan to roll out free mental health, addiction and wellbeing support in every community over time – is transformative – and it’s what New Zealanders called on the Government to deliver.