Where are National’s policy costings?

National’s chaotic and inconsistent approach to policy is on show with a string of announcements made with no costings attached to them.

“National’s team and its financials are in chaos. It’s incredible that a party that used to pride itself on its economic credentials can’t even put a price on their policies or say how they are going to pay for them.” Labour Finance Spokesperson Grant Robertson said.

“New Zealanders are rightly asking whether National are being silent about how they are going to pay for their election promises because they are going to cut services like health and education after the election in order to fund them.

“Judith Collins has changed her mind about National’s debt target multiple times already in her short time as leader. But by their own admission National will have to make tens of billions of cuts to reach their thirty per cent debt to GDP target, which she confirmed again last week.

“Yesterday, Paul Goldsmith said he both wouldn’t cut services, and that he would fund services less than the current Government. That’s the very definition of a cut, and highlights the shambles within the National Party.

“It’s this kind of inconsistency that means National is a risky alternative. They will increase debt by raiding the COVID Recovery Fund to pay for roads, but will make cuts to important services like health and education, and rip up rules that protect Kiwi families from living in cold and damp houses.

“Labour has been clear that we will manage debt responsibly, but not at the expense of the investments and services New Zealanders need right now to boost our economic recovery and ensure people are not left behind.

“We are taking a balanced approach to managing the economy and keeping debt under control. Making the right investment decisions and supporting key services is the best way to achieve a fair and sustained recovery,” Grant Robertson said.

“National’s chaos confirms it is no longer the party of John Key and Bill English. The current shambles wouldn’t have been allowed under their watch.”