Release: Labour calls for immediate implementation of ICJ orders on Gaza

The New Zealand Labour Party is calling on the Government to press Israel to immediately implement the provisional orders of the International Court of Justice in the Gaza genocide case.

The ICJ directed Israel to allow sufficient humanitarian aid into Gaza, ordered the State of Israel to prevent and punish direct incitement of genocide, and to take all measures within its power to prevent acts of genocide in Gaza.

Labour’s foreign affairs spokesperson David Parker says the pressure must now go on Israel to comply with the Court’s directives.

“The New Zealand Government should also back the call for an immediate and permanent ceasefire. It is hard to imagine the Court’s order of humanitarian aid being implemented without an end to Israel’s military action.

“The ICJ orders are binding international law. Israel should comply, and its allies who supply them with funding and weapons are obliged under international law to help ensure compliance.

“It is notable that even the Israeli judge, Aharon Barak, supported the Court orders to prevent and punish incitement to genocidal acts, and to allow enough humanitarian aid to stop severe deprivation.

Parker reiterated his call for New Zealand to intervene in the South African case against Israel’s war by making legal submissions to the Court just as New Zealand did in the Ukraine-Russia case two years ago.

“Just as Israel should comply with the interim ruling without delay, Hamas should release all hostages.

“With two UN General Assembly resolutions and now the findings of the International Court of Justice, the international community has roundly condemned the scale of civilian deaths and suffering.

“The war must stop, and there must be a peace process to establish a free and independent Palestinian state as part of a two-state solution.”

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