New Zealand Labour Party

Rena- the clock is ticking

A Labour Government remains committed to ensuring the owners of the Rena fully remove the wreck off the Astrolabe Reef, says Labour’s Environment spokesperson Moana Mackey. 

“The images on 3 News last night of the rubbish that surrounds the wreck show that the clean-up has a long way to go.

“It is staggering that so much wreckage remains in the debris field that even the owners have agreed must be removed. 

“The Government has to come clean on what it now intends to do with the rest of the Rena. John Key’s claim that any salvage will be too expensive has to be seen for what it is, meanness when it comes to the environment. 

“Already the Waitangi Tribunal in an interim  decision has found that the Crown has breached the principles of the Treaty in the case of the Rena. Will the Prime Minister wait until the tribunal has had its final word. 

“The  next crucial step for the Bay of Plenty will be tomorrow’s deadline for public submissions on the resource consent by the owners to leave most of the ship’s hull on the sea floor. I urge the people of the Bay to make their feelings known before they run out of time. 

“The owners admit that nearly 80 per cent of the Rena is still on the reef and claim that it is beyond  salvage. Labour wants the maximum clean-up  with the maximum liability attached to the owners.”