New Zealand Labour Party

RMA changes won’t knock a dollar off the cost of a new home

The Government’s proposed changes to the RMA won’t increase the number of affordable homes or knock a dollar off the cost of building a new house, Labour Leader Andrew Little says. 

“Tinkering with the RMA will not solve National’s housing crisis. While Labour will work constructively on sensible proposals, this is not a silver bullet to fix the major problem which is a lack of affordable homes.

“National has spent six years claiming they will change the RMA to make housing more affordable but have yet to produce any tangible solutions. Nick Smith’s proposals are underwhelming and show the Government is out of ideas.

“Changes to benefit housing should not be used as a smokescreen to undermine the environmental protection standards. We want to see the detail on any proposed changes to the critical sections 6 and 7,” Andrew Little says.