New Zealand Labour Party

Sad to see Māori Party playing race card

Andrew Little is right to call out the Māori Party, says Labour’s Māori Development Spokesperson Kelvin Davis.

“The Māori Party love to throw barbs and put-downs on the one hand, while on the other hand saying our people don't like seeing us attack each other.

“If they're happy to dish it out they have to be prepared to take it. Their only sad rebuttal is to play the race card.

“Any political parties that tie their waka behind the National Government have to be prepared for the criticism.

“The reality is Māori on the street just haven't felt the love, and they know a vote for Mana-Māori is another vote for National. Despite the Maori Party's self-righteous indignation we can all see the National Party drive the kaupapa. They should just be up front and admit it.

“Māori are more likely to be overweight, depressed, homeless, incarcerated and poorly educated and the Māori Party stand around defending this? As soon as they're challenged by a pakeha, they drop the race card. They aren't exempt from criticism just because they're Māori.

“Talk to anyone on the streets of Kaitaia or Kaikohe and they’ll tell you how they’ve been let down by National and the Māori Party.

“Labour has a strong plan to lift Māori achievement and support Māori aspirations. We will fix the housing crisis so more Māori families can own their home, live in decent houses, get the health care they deserve and help their kids get the education they need to be the best they possibly can be.

“Māori are crying out for help and Labour will deliver for them,” says Kelvin Davis.