New Zealand Labour Party

Serco circus rolls on with revelations of fight club practice

Further revelations that a Serco prison guard was coaching inmates on fight club techniques confirms a fully independent inquiry needs to take place, says Labour’s Corrections spokesperson Kelvin Davis.

“The Minister’s statement today that a guard was coaching sparring techniques to inmates is completely shambolic.

“If brawling with prison inmates is considered coaching then health and safety processes need to be reviewed immediately.

“An independent inquiry is the only way forward as I have no confidence whatsoever in the findings of any inquiry conducted by Corrections or Serco.

“So far we’ve had Serco reporting on themselves and Corrections reporting on Serco at select committees where the Minister has no recall of serious allegations. It’s beyond a joke. Everything they’ve said so far has proven to be false.

“Serco is engaged in a multi-million dollar Government contract and they’re serving a weekly sentence of incompetence and life-endangering wrongful practices.

“Serco should never have been given the contract and they’ve got to go. If the Minister doesn’t have the guts to do it after all that’s happened, it’s just more evidence he isn’t up to it,” says Kelvin Davis.