New Zealand Labour Party

Shambles sees National oppose affordable housing

National’s shambolic handling of the housing crisis has today resulted in the Government opposing common sense measures to help more Kiwi families into homes, Leader of the Opposition Andrew Little says.

“Despite knowing for the past three years the laws around Special Housing Areas were to lapse next week, Housing Minister Nick Smith has unnecessarily pushed through patch-up legislation under urgency.

“That backfired today when the Government was forced to debate Labour’s comprehensive housing policy. And it resulted in National blocking attempts to build affordable houses and crack down on speculators.

“Labour introduced amendments to Parliament today that would have implemented Labour’s KiwiBuild plan to build 100,000 affordable homes for families to buy, tax speculators who flick properties within five years, and ban foreign speculators from buying existing houses.

“Labour’s comprehensive plan will stabilise house prices and give families a fair shot at the Kiwi dream of owning their own home.

“However, National blocked the KiwiBuild amendment by one vote and is now voting to protect speculators.

“Labour is putting forward concrete plans to fix the housing crisis. Sadly National is putting petty politics ahead of Kiwi families,” Andrew Little says.