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Meet Shanan Halbert

It’s a privilege to be Northcote's strong local voice in Government, focusing on the issues that matter to our community.

Auckland’s best views, beautiful parks and nature reserves, bakeries, sushi shops, maroon rugby jumpers, that small town feeling. Just some of the reasons why Shanan and his partner have lived in Northcote for over a decade.

Shanan is proud of how Northcote pulled together when Covid-19 threatened jobs and incomes - it's why he is working hard as your strong local voice in Government to ensure that our community can build back better.

Before he was elected to Parliament, Shanan spent 15 years in education leadership and management at tertiary institutions. He is now putting the skills he learned to use for Northcote by:

  • Supporting local businesses to thrive
  • Championing improved local transport infrastructure
  • Delivering investment in our local schools, and
  • Ensuring local families have the warm, dry homes they need

Northcote is the greatest place to live in Auckland, but working together with support from Government, we can make it even better!

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