New Zealand Labour Party

Shane Reti caught lying to the public


The Transport Minister today confirmed that National MP Shane Reti's statement to constituents that he took a proposal for sealing their road to Cabinet was not true, Labour's Transport spokesperson Phil Twyford says.

“In the same breath as his threats that the people of rural Pipiwai in Northland would get nothing if they didn't shut up during the by-election campaign, Shane Reti appears to have lied to them about taking their road sealing case to Cabinet.

“He said ‘And as I say, I got it to Cabinet, I got it that far’. Unfortunately the Minister made it clear during Question Time today that no proposal had been taken to Cabinet.

“The Prime Minister needs to discipline Shane Reti.

“Bullying and lying to constituents should not be tolerated. Yesterday John Key said he had not listened to the full recording of Shane Reti's phone call to Alex Wright of the Pipiwai Titoki Advocacy for Community Health and Safety Group. The Prime Minister has now had plenty of time to listen to the recording which media have made public.

“The National Party has not covered itself in glory during this by-election campaign.

“The people of Northland have been subjected to bribery, bullying and now lying; and there is still a week and a half to go,” Phil Twyford says.