New Zealand Labour Party

Show me the money, Steven

The National Party needs to front up to New Zealanders and show them where the money is coming from for the billions of dollars of election promises that they are making, says Grant Robertson Labour Finance Spokesperson.


"Labour has released its full Fiscal Plan outlining our commitments and how they will be paid for. It has been independently assessed by the economic research agency BERL. This transparency is important to show Kiwis we can follow through on what we promise.

"Now it is time for National to front up and do the same. In the last three weeks, National has made billions of dollars of promises. These are not part of the Government accounts. So far, all National has done is make vague statements about where the funding will come from.


"For example, their $10.5 billion roading package will apparently have an initial contribution from the capital budget. How much? And isn't this the same fund that is meant to be making up for the billions of dollars missing from the Auckland Transport Alignment Plan, a new medical school and a stadium for Christchurch?


"Straight after the Budget in May, Steven Joyce said ‘over the four year period from this budget through to 2021, we actually have no spare cash.’


Yet here he is in the election campaign, throwing money around for all sorts of programmes including a latter day conversion to Paid Parental Leave, and unbudgeted money for education and health programmes.


"National owes New Zealanders a comprehensive statement of their fiscal plan. It’s time for Steven Joyce to answer the question, can you show me the money?" Grant Robertson said.