New Zealand Labour Party

Simon Bridges spent over $6500 on Northland

Transport Minister Simon Bridges spent over $6519 on travel and flights to Northland for the by-election – spending around $1000 a week, Labour’s Acting Leader Annette King says.

“Simon Bridges’ desperate dashes to Northland got him in political hot water. Not only did his promise of ten bridges backfire significantly, he breached the Cabinet manual in getting advice from his department for a campaign promise.

“Why hasn’t he been stood down while the breach is investigated?

“We know he promised $69 million on bridges to buy votes. Now it emerges he spent $1000 a week of taxpayers’ money for travel on the campaign.

“Of course he claims his travel was for ministerial purposes but Northlanders and all New Zealanders know better.

“It’s a lot of money to spend on a failed political bribe,” says Annette King.