You can't trust National on the environment

National has no clear plan to address climate change. 

Our Government does have a plan, one that will set New Zealand on a path to being carbon zero by 2050.

We’re taking action on climate change - working with businesses, building an historic consensus with farmers to bring agriculture into the ETS, progressing the Zero Carbon Bill, investing in clean energy and electric cars.

National is out of touch

National and Simon Bridges are all over the place on electric cars. 

One day Simon Bridges is saying the Government isn't doing enough, the next he is saying it is doing too much.

National's Climate Change spokesperson Todd Muller is even openly disagreeing with Simon Bridges. Here he is saying he is "broadly supportive" of the Government's plan. 

Simon Bridges' track-record on the environment

In 2014, Simon Bridges issues oil drilling permits in part of the endangered Maui’s dolphin breeding ground. 65,000 people signed Greenpeace’s petition calling for him to reverse his decision, because "the fate of the world’s most endangered dolphin hangs in the balance." He didn't. 

Also in 2014, as the then Minister of Energy and Resources, Simon Bridges signed off a block-offer for mining exploration on Victoria Forest Park - later admitting he didn't even know it was a National Park!

In 2017, as Minister of Transport, Simon Bridges approved the KiwiRail decision to ditch electric locomotives for diesel ones to haul freight in the central North Island, knowing full well they emitted five times the greenhouse gas. 

On the environment, Simon Bridges' record speaks for itself.

The National Party has continually failed to take serious action on climate change

After nine years of National, New Zealand was the fifth worst emitter per capita in the OECD.

It's clear. You can't trust National on the environment.