New Zealand Labour Party

Smith floods the market with SHAs, not homes

Nick Smith’s constant announcements of new Special Housing Areas which never produce homes borders on the pathological, Labour’s Housing spokesperson Phil Twyford says.

“It’s time the Housing Minister admitted his SHAs have completely failed to deliver the volume of new affordable homes Aucklanders desperately need.

“Thanks to Dr Smith, Auckland does not have a shortage of Special Housing Areas. But under his tenure, the city’s housing shortfall is north of 30,000 and getting worse by 5000 every year.

“After refusing for two years to tell the public how many houses had been built in these areas, Nick Smith recently conceded only around 500 have actually been finished.

“This is woeful when Auckland needs more than 14,000 new homes every year just to keep up with population growth.

“It’s time the Minister gave up on his failed and fanciful Special Housing Areas and embarked on a massive government-backed building programme to flood the market with affordable homes for first home buyers,” Phil Twyford says.