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Sport and Recreation

Sport and Recreation

Sport and recreation is an ingrained part of the Kiwi psyche. At the grassroots level, participation in sport and recreation helps create community cohesion and social integration. At the top level of sport, New Zealanders achieving on the world sporting stage lifts our national pride.

Labour is committed to ensuring all New Zealanders, including those with disabilities and ethnic backgrounds, have opportunities to participate and excel in their chosen sport and recreation activities.

Labour is committed to fostering a competent, connected sport and recreation sector and a healthy, active nation.

Labour will:

  • Continue to invest in community sport and recreation to encourage widespread participation and to help our local clubs thrive
  • Commit to supporting volunteers in the sport and recreation sector by providing resources to assist them in their roles and giving them opportunities to up skill
  • Bring back a focus on physical activity as part of our Health policy
  • Continue to support specialised training for our top athletes, and increase the focus on pre-elite athlete identification so that our pool of high performance athletes can grow.

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Labour will:

  • Pass legislation to stop betting websites that are based offshore avoiding tax in New Zealand and denying revenue to the New Zealand racing industry.

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Abundant, sustainable fisheries in a healthy marine environment

Labour’s primary focus will be on ensuring that our fisheries are sustainable and abundant and that ocean habitats are protected from the impacts of terrestrial and marine activities. Our current fisheries system lacks transparency and accountability – it has too many confusing and conflicting laws, regulations and rules, and not enough clarity about how all those measures are supposed to be achieved.

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