New Zealand Labour Party

SSC salaries sink National’s spending spin

Massive pay rises at the State Services Commission prove National’s claims of clamping down on spending in the public sector are simply fantasy, Labour’s State Services spokesman Kris Faafoi says.

“Salaries in this one department are almost $70,000 more than what most Kiwis takes home a year.

“The Government is speaking out of both sides of its mouth on spending in the public sector. On one hand its warning frontline workers such as nurses and teachers not to expect pay rises, yet up the road at the State Services Commission salaries went up by an average of $13,000 in one year.

“National’s spin that it is safe pair of hands with taxpayers’ money is well and truly sunk with today’s revelation.

“When the Government needs to throw $69 million at Northland in a by-election bribe, it can find it. But the real test will be when our doctors, teachers, nurses, police officers and prison guards ask for their share,” Kris Faafoi says.