New Zealand Labour Party

Stalled TPP chance for wider discussion

Failure to get the TPP agreement across the line gives New Zealanders an opportunity to put more pressure on the Government not to sign away our sovereignty, Opposition leader Andrew Little says.

“New Zealand land, dairy and medicines are up for grabs in these negotiations. There has to be some meaningful gains for us in this.

“If we can't restrict land or house sales to non-residential foreign buyers, or we end up paying more for life-saving drugs then we are selling ourselves down the river.

“There has to be some bottom lines. New Zealand must be able to do what is in its own best interests.

“There’s no doubt there’s been some tough talking from all sides, but it’s now up to the Government to stand its ground and ensure it gets the best deal for Kiwis.

“It’s also time it came clean on what it has signed up to and allowed New Zealanders to become part of the next round of discussions,” says Andrew Little.