New Zealand Labour Party

State inquiry for Nga Morehu – The Survivors of State Abuse

The Prime Minister must show humanitarian leadership and launch an independent inquiry into historic claims of abuse of children who were in State care, says Labour’s Deputy Leader Jacinda Ardern.

“The Hui’s investigation into Nga Morehu – The Survivors provides a timely reminder that the Government continues to fail the people they were supposed to be looking after while in State care.

“Gut wrenching images of grown Maori men breaking down while revealing horrific claims of child abuse is a sharp wake-up call that the impact of child abuse is long-lasting and the Government must help address the ongoing problems.

‘I commend the bravery of those men, Nga Morehu, for speaking out. I condemn the National Government for denying the survivors of alleged State abuse to consider the wrongs that were committed and offer a better healing process.

“Bill English is failing to address what has been described as the worst human rights breach in our country’s history.

“Minister Anne Tolley has spent more money on a Queen’s Counsel hired by the Government to fight victims claims while refusing to hold a proper inquiry. She’s the Minister for vulnerable children and dismissing any form of inquiry is heartless and wrong.

“Labour supports the Human Rights Commission’s call for an inquiry because potentially hundreds of children suffered mental, physical and sexual abuse while the State turned a blind eye and continues to do so.

“I will meet with Nga Morehu and discuss how I can help them convince the Government to do something to help them find some resolution,” says Jacinda Ardern.