New Zealand Labour Party

Stats confirm growing housing shortfall

National’s failure to fix the housing shortage has been starkly illustrated by new statistics, says Labour Housing spokesperson Phil Twyford.

Statistics New Zealand has released a new statistical series today, showing the number of houses actually built, rather than just building consent data.

“Auckland’s population growth under National has been similar to growth under the previous Labour Government – 220,000 people. The difference is that under National just 44,000 houses have been built, compared to 78,000 under Labour.

“When compared to population data this release confirms a housing shortfall of over 30,000 homes has built up under this Government.

“In the last year only 8,600 houses were built in Auckland, barely half of what was needed to keep up with population growth. No wonder Auckland Council projects the city’s housing shortage will rise to 50,000 houses in a few years.

“That’s the story of the housing crisis: National has simply failed to get enough houses built. National’s housing shortage caused house prices to rocket and turned our homes into gambling chips for overseas speculators.

“The lack of housing has caused rents to balloon, increased overcrowding, and forced more and more families to live in cars and garages.

“After nine years, it’s time to fix National’s mistakes. Labour’s fresh plan for housing will build affordable houses and sell them to first home buyers at cost, while banning overseas speculators, and shutting down the tax loophole that speculators exploit,” says Phil Twyford.