New Zealand Labour Party

Steph Lewis

Candidate for Whanganui

“I believe in a New Zealand where everyone gets a fair go. To me that means jobs that pay a living wage; a quality education for every child; access to healthcare; and that everyone has a healthy, affordable home.”

Steph Lewis




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Steph Lewis

Meet Steph

Steph was born in Whanganui and grew up between Kaitoke Prison village, where her Dad worked as a Prison Officer, and her family’s farm in Waverley.

When Steph’s parents bought their farm it was just a bare block of land they dreamed of building a home on. That dream slipped away after roading issues meant the money they saved to build a home there went on lawyers' fees instead. Steph remembers seeing the look on her parents’ faces when they came home from Court one day, she resolved then to do all she could to help her parents and others get a fairer go.

Steph is still driven by a strong desire to help people. Since university she has worked as an employment advocate, a lawyer, an advisor, and an investigator. Her work has given her crucial skills in advocacy and mediation, and developed her ability to offer practical, pragmatic solutions and oversee their implementation.

Steph understands the issues and challenges that the Whanganui, South Taranaki and Stratford communities face. She will work tirelessly to represent the people there. Steph played a significant role in securing Government funding for the Whanganui Port redevelopment during the 2017 campaign. She currently co-chairs Labour's Economic Development Committee, where she helps develop policies to create jobs and raise incomes in our regions. Steph will push for changes to benefit our people and restore Whanganui, South Taranaki and Stratford to the strong, vibrant regions she remembers growing up in.

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