New Zealand Labour Party

Stop and listen Mr Coleman

Labour is urging the Government to stop underfunding the health sector as more New Zealanders can’t afford to see their GP, says Labour’s health spokesperson Annette King.

“The number of people missing out on GP services has increased to 533,000 due to the cost as shown in the latest health survey results.

“This is an increase of nearly 60,000 New Zealanders since 2011/2012. Documents from the Ministry of Health show the average GP visit fee for adults increased to $40.71 for non-VLCA practices up from $29.11 in 2008.

“The number of high needs patients who are not able to access affordable doctor visits is 434,040 and this is unacceptable.

“Mr Coleman was told by Treasury to reform primary health care to make GP visits cheaper but hasn’t done anything about it. The GPs have been clamouring for reform to ensure the cost isn’t a barrier for those who need it.

“The Government clearly doesn’t see health care as a priority concern.

“Stop and listen Mr Coleman. We need to make visiting your local GP affordable for New Zealanders,” says Annette King.