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Hon Stuart Nash

MP for Napier

Minister of Police, Fisheries, Revenue, and Small Business

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Stuart Nash was elected Labour MP for Napier in 2014. He was sworn in as Minister of Police, Revenue, Fisheries and for Small Business in October 2017 following the general election.

Stuart first entered politics in 2008 as a list MP and has been the Labour spokesperson for Police, Energy, Revenue, Forestry, Economic Development and Land Information.

In his maiden speech Stuart described himself as first and foremost a public servant, employed by the people of New Zealand; and as a social democrat committed to sustainable economic development and growth.

Prior to entering politics, Stuart worked in senior management in small and large organisations in both the private and public sectors. His wide-ranging career has included roles in IT, sales and marketing, business strategy, resource planning, strategic planning and general management. 

Stuart completed a Bachelor of Arts (History) at Victoria University before moving to Canterbury University where he gained a Post Graduate Diploma in Forestry and a Masters in Forestry Science. He also holds a Post Graduate Diploma and Master’s Degree in Business Management and a Master of Law.

He is the great grandson of the third Labour Prime Minister Sir Walter Nash, and grew up in Napier where his father was a local lawyer and his mother was a school dental nurse.

He attended Napier Boys High School where he was a prefect and captain of the debating team and where his sporting interests included rugby, cricket and representative tennis. He is married to Sarah and has four children. He is currently a member of the Parliamentary cross-party rugby team, and enjoys all sports - but these days more from an armchair than a court, pitch or field.

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Napier electorate office

Phone: 06 835 6093

155A Tennyson Street, Napier South, Napier
PO Box 827, Napier 4140

Parliamentary office

Phone: 04 817 8712

Freepost PO Box 18 888
Parliament Buildings, Wellington 6160

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Latest from Hon Stuart Nash

Maintaining momentum for small business innovation

August 02, 2019

Small Business Minister Stuart Nash says the report of the Small Business Council will help maintain the momentum for innovation and improvements in the sector.

Mr Nash has thanked the members of the Small Business Council (SBC) who this week handed over their report, Empowering small businesses to aspire, succeed and thrive.

“I appointed the members of the SBC in August 2018 with one primary objective. I asked them to help government develop a strategy to drive performance and innovation for small and medium enterprises,” Mr Nash says.

“While the SBC has been working on its report, the government has kept up momentum on business-friendly initiatives.

“We are offering new incentives for research and development; taking action on unfair commercial practices; improving access to venture capital; encouraging innovative use of technology like e-invoicing; bringing greater fairness to the tax system especially where multinationals compete with local firms; and improving infrastructure in the regions.

“These initiatives that are already underway will create a productive, sustainable and inclusive economy that will benefit all New Zealanders, especially small business owners and people employed in small businesses.

“I look forward to now considering the SBC report, which contains 20 recommendations to complement our work programme.

“I will take the time to talk to colleagues across government about how best to drive progress and use the SBC’s work to support the Prime Minister’s Business Advisory Council, which includes SMEs as a priority.

“As well as developing a small business strategy the SBC also provided advice on support structures for the sector, methods of defining and capturing data on small business, and ways to continue the work programme initiated by Council members. 

“I would like to thank the SBC for its hard work over the past year.  Its recommendations are wide-ranging and touch on the work of many different portfolios and agencies.

“Small businesses are a vital part of our economy and way of life. They make up 97 per cent of all businesses and employ more than 600,000 people. By taking steps to drive performance and innovation, we can make real progress for the people who run small businesses and the communities they contribute to,” Mr Nash says.

The SBC report and the government response are expected to be released in the next couple of months.

Seventy-eight new Police constables

August 01, 2019

Extra Police officers are being deployed from Northland to Southland with the graduation of a new wing of recruits from the Royal New Zealand Police College.

“The graduation of 78 constables today means that 1524 new constables have been deployed since the government took office,” says Police Minister Stuart Nash.

“One quarter of today’s new constables will be deployed to our largest Policing district, Counties Manukau. The remainder will commence duties on 12 August in towns from the far north to deep south and all across regional New Zealand.

“It is important for Police to maintain an active and visible presence in neighbourhoods all over the country. The success of the firearms buy-back and amnesty in many small towns has highlighted the strong relationship between local police and communities.

“Reports from towns like Piopio, Waipu, Fairlie and Picton show conversations between police and gun owners are positive and engaging. Many officers graduating today can expect to play a part working alongside communities to remove the most dangerous firearms from circulation.

“The buyback is also making the everyday job of Policing much safer for our new recruits. Every month Police are called out to 200 crimes involving firearms. Every year up to 1000 guns are reported stolen from licensed owners. Many disappear into the hands of gangs.

“Today’s new constables will help tackle gang-related crime and reduce harm from drugs like methamphetamine. They are also increasingly supporting vulnerable communities. Last year Police responded to 33,000 mental health callouts, an 11 per cent increase.

“Wing 328 continues the strong commitment to increased diversity in our Police. Just over 30 per cent are women, 13 per cent Maori, ten per cent Pasifika, and six per cent identify as Asian. The youngest is 19 and the eldest is 50 years old. Between them they speak eight languages other than English. Their sporting and cultural achievements include a professional rugby player, an Olympic swimmer, and a waka ama champion.

I also want to personally acknowledge and thank the wing patron, journalist and community leader Venkat Raman. He has long supported the work of Police through advisory forums, and been a great mentor to the recruits during their training.


 The constables are being deployed to Police Districts as follows:

Northland – 2
Waitematā – 12
Auckland – 2
Counties Manukau – 19
Waikato – 7
Bay of Plenty – 6
Eastern – 4
Central – 5
Wellington – 7
Tasman – 2
Canterbury – 7
Southern – 5

Tax refund season ends near $600 million

July 30, 2019

Almost $600 million has been paid into taxpayers’ bank accounts in the past two months, after the first season of automatic tax assessments.

Revenue Minister Stuart Nash says the completion of this year’s tax refund season is a significant milestone.

“The ability of Inland Revenue to run auto calculations for the first time reinforces efforts to ensure everyone pays their fair share of tax. The refunds are $188 million higher than last year,” Mr Nash says.

“Gone are the days of effectively having to apply for a refund. If you pay too much tax throughout the year, we can now refund that money straight to your bank account. The process is also faster for many taxpayers.

“We have just proved that the auto-calculation system is possible and I’m pleased with what we have achieved in the first tax refund season. Refunds have been difficult for many taxpayers to figure out in the past.

Inland Revenue has completed assessments for 2,579,172 customers since the end of May, which include:

  • 1,330,484 refunds
  • 270,952 bills to pay
  • 882,682 customers who have a refund of less than one dollar or who have had a small bill written off
  • 95,054 customers either paid exactly the right amount of tax over the year or had no income over the period.

“The total value of refunds so far is $572 million with an average payment of $430. There are bills to pay worth $95.5 million with an average amount owing of around $353. Those bills don’t fall due until 7 February 2020.

“Automatic tax assessments are possible because of changes to tax legislation which were opposed by the National Party. Its attempt to stand in the way of improvements for hard-working kiwis shows it cannot be trusted to deliver on the question of tax fairness.

“The coalition government has worked hard to improve the fairness of the system. Further changes, such as the removal of unnecessary secondary tax codes and the ability to ensure people are on the correct Prescribed Investor Rates, will ensure more New Zealanders pay the right amount of tax at the right time,” Mr Nash says.

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