New Zealand Labour Party

Supreme Court decision an early Christmas present

Women on low pay in New Zealand have been given an early Christmas present with yesterday’s decision by  the Supreme Court not to intervene in a decision of the Court of Appeal, says Labour's Spokesperson for Women's Affairs, Sue Moroney. 

“The earlier decision requires a process to be found with the help of the Employment Court to set a fair rate for carers working in rest homes.

"Congratulations to Kristine Bartlett and her union, the Service and Food Workers Union who have taken this important landmark case. 

"The decision supports the legal principle that female-dominated occupations and workplaces are  paid the same as male-dominated occupations and workplaces. 

"New Zealand women now need to hear the Government confirm that it won't tamper with the law as it stands, given that last time National was faced with a law of this type, it simply repealed it," says Sue Moroney.

 “Labour looks forward to the parties working constructively with the Employment Court to determine fair pay for rest home carers and calls on the Government to support the process too.”