New Zealand Labour Party

Talk of tax cuts is plain crazy


John Key’s talk of tax cuts when the Government has $63 billion of debt, superannuation costs are rising by $1 billion a year and the cost of meeting another natural disaster, is just plain crazy, says Labour Leader Andrew Little. 

“Key has yet again dangled the possibility of tax cuts while he’s out of the country.

“Kaikoura’s rebuild alone will cost billions and put pressure on the Government’s books so for Key to now say there’s still room for tax cuts just shows just how out of touch he is. 

“New Zealand weathered the GFC and Canterbury earthquakes because the previous Labour-led Government resisted National’s calls for tax cuts, paid off debt and put the Government’s finances on a sound footing so it could withstand shocks. 

“Now is the time to be talking about staffing Geonet 24/7 and a national tsunami warning system and not talking about cutting taxes. 

“It’s not surprising Key is desperate for tax cuts because for thousands of working New Zealanders wages are simply not keeping up with the cost of living. 

“The Government is failing to show how it can help Kiwi’s into their first home and failing to provide hope to the many workers on low wages who are missing out on the gains of economic growth. 

“Key is deaf to hospital waiting lists and the plight of many whose welfare services are being cut like the 96 year old women in Levin whose home cleaning service was axed recently.

“He doesn’t have answers to those problems. Labour does through Kiwi Build, and its plans to help young New Zealanders through three years free post-secondary education, entrepreneur grants and Dole for Apprenticeships,” says Andrew Little.