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Tamati's Big Red Fundraiser


Wow. I’d never organised a fundraiser before.

Some people have got that organising gene and some people don’t.

I don’t really, but I’m a hard worker and I love a good challenge.

Picture this. Saturday night, venue all set, drinks poured, photographers arrived, tickets sold - but would anyone show up?

All these thoughts rush through your head when you’re organising a gig like this. First fundraiser and I’m sitting in a huge room trying to create a ‘big red party' with about ten people - including my mum and dad.

Just as I started to get on the self-doubt bus, people started to show up. Just a few at first, but then it was like someone had called “BULLRUSH” and they were all gunning to get in.

One hundred... then two hundred... and then some more!

Lots of people I already knew, but there were new faces to meet as well - they just kept filing in. It was then I knew everything was going to be great!

The room was flooded with red lighting and on the tables were centrepieces of Labour ferns on translucent paper on top of tea-light candles.

Our MC was doing his first gig and it took all my restraint to not get up there and steal the mic! Forgive me! It’s just that ‘that’s usually my job’ thing.

First up, the winning kids from Glenholme Primary came out lip-syncing. The drag queens, Buckwheat and Tess did too! Rotorua doesn't see Drag Queens round very often, so it was a real treat to see the faces of the people in the room!

But it was the Diamond Divas who stole the night. They were finalists I worked with on New Zealand’s Got Talent. They were just awesome.

We raised money and people danced. David Cunliffe and his wife were even spotted on the dance floor. Joined by so many of the other Maori MPs and candidates and a heap of Labour supporters.

The night was a great success. Stuff like this helps build solid relationships with communities.

For me, it was great to feel so much support – it was really humbling.

Now I have to do them proud and get out there and win Rotorua and bring in the Party Vote!!

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Here's some more photos from the event: