New Zealand Labour Party

Taxpayers paying for TV watching

Sky-high spending by the Government on pay television subscriptions is costing taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars, Labour’s State Services spokesperson Kris Faafoi says.

Documents obtained by Labour show government departments have spent more than $360,000 on pay television subscriptions over the past two years. 

“The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade racked up the biggest bill with an average annual spend of $98,340 spend across 2013/14.

“The second most extravagant department was Internal Affairs ($33,408), and the third was the New Zealand Transport Agency.

“NZTA’s pay television costs were a whopping $19,307 in 2013/14. Now there may be some justification for MFAT and even DIA to have connected offices but why the Transport Agency needs to fork out nearly $20,000 to watch TV is beyond me.

“Surely they should have their eye on the traffic monitors, not on Top Gear re-runs or the Deadliest Catch, and Road Cops is on free-view.

“It’s little wonder that National can’t balance its books. Hard-earned taxpayer money has paid for watching the small screen - not on watching spending.

“The Government has some serious explaining to do regarding the astronomical tab being racked up on pay TV subscription,” Kris Faafoi says.