New Zealand Labour Party

Taxpayers the only ones left feeling blue

Ministry of Social Development bosses could have saved themselves thousands of dollars in consultants’ fees by providing staff with rose-tinted spectacles, Labour’s State Services spokesperson Kris Faafoi says.

A report out today reveals the Ministry is spending over half a million on a programme aimed at changing the culture within the department using colours

“Managers are being asked to reflect on their behavioural style by ‘colouring’ their thinking blue.

 “The Government is never slow to call everyone else on wasteful spending - tightening others’ belts is a favourite pastime.

 “Yet here we have a department, whose clients are queuing at food banks, squandering taxpayer cash on a programme that has all the hallmarks of mumbo-jumbo.

 “The first step towards improving staff morale and changing workplace culture is to ensure staff know they are trusted and valued.

 “That takes leadership, not misuse of public money.

“What next? Heated limo seats? Oh wait…”