Teina Pora compensation adjustment

Justice Minister Andrew Little has announced the Government will provide Teina Pora with an inflation adjustment to his compensation for wrongful conviction and 20 years of imprisonment.

“Teina Pora will receive an extra $988,099 as an inflation adjustment, bringing the total compensation package to $3,509,048.42.  Additionally Mr Pora will receive $45,000 in costs from his successful judicial review of the last National Government’s refusal to inflation adjust.

“Teina Pora was the victim of one of New Zealand’s worst miscarriages of justice.

“He was robbed of more than two decades of his life, languishing in prison for crimes he did not commit. These were years when Mr Pora could have been working to build his future and his family.

“I am grateful to Teina Pora for his positive engagement with the new government, and we wish him all the best for a better future.”

Andrew Little also paid tribute to the Prime Minister for her longstanding advocacy for Teina Pora.

“Jacinda Ardern and I battled in opposition to remedy this historical wrong.

“This brings all claims by Teina Pora against the Crown arising out of his wrongful convictions to an end,” says Andrew Little.