New Zealand Labour Party

Ten Big Ideas

Labour’s Future of Work Commission consultation has been developed into Ten Big Ideas that will help shape Labour’s policy development.

We’ve pulled the consultation together into Ten Big Ideas that give a snapshot of the ideas and thinking of the Commission so far. 


Building digital equality – through ensuring Kiwis can access technology regardless of where they live or how wealthy they are.


Accelerating technology in business – through developing new models of capital raising and investing in research and development.


Developing Business Clusters – by creating regional partnerships of business, councils, research organisations and iwi to get the best out of local and emerging industries.


Building wealth from the ground up – by encouraging new models of business, including entrepreneurship and cooperatives to create a more sustainable economy.


Establishing a just transition – through creating a social partnership model and strong and flexible social and re-training programmes.


Ensuring greater income security – through investigation of new models of income security for New Zealand, including considering a limited trial of a universal basic income-type system in a town or region.


Reforming the transition between education, training and work – through comprehensive reform of career guidance and creating a school leavers’ toolkit to prepare them for the practical requirements of work.


Labour’s Working Futures Plan – in which all New Zealanders receive three free years of post-school education, phased in from 2019.


Partnering with Maori in a post-Treaty settlement era – through the Government facilitating strategic partnerships between iwi, business, and third parties to develop the Maori economy.


Establishing a Pasifika working futures plan – by working with the community to focus on the transition between education and work and identifying and eliminating the barriers to entrepreneurship.

Read the full Ten Big Ideas discussion document here