New Zealand Labour Party

The Block NZ doing a better job than Nick Smith

Nick Smith should consider calling in producers of The Block NZ with participants in the TV series completing more houses in two seasons than the Government’s failed Special Housing Area policy, says Labour's Housing spokesperson Phil Twyford.

The Block NZ is not only a huge TV success; it is a more successful than the National Government at completing and selling homes.

“After the auction in just over a week’s time, The Block NZ will have completed and sold eight homes in two seasons. Over that same time just five homes were completed in the Special Housing Areas, according to the Auckland Council.

“Nick Smith refuses to admit just how few houses have been built under his policy or how far behind schedule he is. He is too embarrassed to even utter the numbers. If there wasn’t such a serious housing crisis going on it would be laughable.

“Given National’s desire to contract out housing to almost anyone, it should come as no surprise if Nick Smith calls in the producers of The Block NZ to try to fix the housing crisis. He certainly seems to have no other ideas,” says Phil Twyford.