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The Good

Talking about me, talking about you

Gulp. National’s Jo Goodhew found herself in more than a spot of bother yesterday when Damien O’Connor let rip with a series of questions to Primary Industries Minister Nathan Guy about whether or not he had confidence in his associate minister. Goodhew is, of course, that person, and unfortunately for her Mr Guy wasn’t in the House. Check out the hilarious third person exchange that ensued here:


The dirty rat

instagram2.jpgGood news for Buddy, the Little family’s infamous cat. Buddy’s antics, you’ll recall, garnered him quite a following during the leadership campaign, with one fan even following up with a line of black cat T-shirts. However on Tuesday, noting he was nowhere near his usual feline Oscar support act self, Andrew took Buddy to the vet. The first thought was pancreatic cancer, but after further examination, a saline drip, an overnight stay, and even talk of a blood transfusion, the verdict was that Buddy’s symptoms were probably brought on by swallowing a dead (poisoned) rat. True story. Oh, and he’s made a full recovery.

Schist happens

Toga parties, club days, couch burning…and geology jokes. Andrew Little’s tongue in cheek comment about the subject “rocking” got one student’s dander up during a visit to Vic Uni this week. The temptation was to respond with something along the lines of Stone me! That’s precious, but tongue was bitten. Still, a quick online search later revealed that taking the mickey is a thing.



The Bad

Yes, Prime Minister

On Tuesday, the same day Leisa Renwick and other melanoma patients travelled from around the country to urge the government to fund a life-saving drug, the PM acknowledges National’s $1.7b cut to the health budget actually does have a human cost: “There are a great many other drugs that are unfunded, for which other New Zealanders are dying,” he said in response to questions from Andrew Little. And a flag referendum is more important?

O-nus week

O-week gives license to students (future geologists included) to partake in all sorts of jolly japery, but they had every reason to feel glum this week as total student debt hit $15 billion. As Linsey Higgins, newly elected president of New Zealand Union of Students Association ($42,146.82 at time of print) says: "Despite the drop in student numbers student debt just keeps getting bigger”, and growing. Coincidentally Higgins is from Taranaki, as is Andrew Little, who once also held the role of national pres.


Right, but not first time

Oops. No journo likes to have to make a clarification or correction. But kudos to the ODT for doing just that after it referred to Jacinda Ardern as a NZ First MP (perish the thought). Jacinda, Labour’s Arts, Culture and Heritage spokesperson was in Dunedin to open the NZ International Early Music Festival, which kicked off with a performance of Purcell’s famous baroque opera.


What the?

Maggie Barry - yes, she who’s been leading the change the flag charge -reverted to type with the release of a 12 paragraph epistle extolling the efforts of Landcare scientists in breeding a bug that feeds on tradescantia, the weed often referred to as wandering willie. The particularly blousy statement mentioned, among other things, bronze, Brazilians, beetles, breeding, biocontrol and botanic gardens. Quite b-eautiful. 

Quote of the week:

“New Zealanders don’t have time for him to piss about – a person dies of melanoma every day; they need this medicine now.”

Melanoma patient Leisa Renwick after Jonathan Coleman suggested there would be more money for Health in the May budget.

Runner up:

“I can see my salty tears falling into a glass of 1989 Domaine de marcoux.”

‘Like’ Mike Hosking on hearing the PM had been kayaking with Aussie counterpart Malcolm Turnbull