Think Labour's got no policies? Think again.

One of the criticisms that's been floating around about Labour and Jacinda recently is that we have no policy.

And we're all like:

If you think that, you really need to read below.

Over the past three years, Labour has announced a policy offering larger than any other New Zealand political party. And there's more to come before the election!

It's a plan to make New Zealand even better. So have a scroll! See what's there for you, your family and see how we can make New Zealand even better together.


Crack down on speculators

  • Ban overseas speculators from buying our homes
  • Tax property speculators who flick houses within five years
  • Remove the speculators’ tax loophole 

Build more houses

  • Build 100,000 starter homes for first home buyers over 10 years, including
    • 50,000 affordable homes in Auckland
    • 400 affordable homes in the Hutt Valley
    • 200 affordable homes in Hamilton
    • 1000 affordable homes in Queenstown
    • 149 affordable homes in Palmerston North
  • Create an Affordable Housing Authority to fast-track development in our cities
  • KiwiBuild Visa so firms can get in a skilled builder from overseas if they also train a Kiwi
  • Relax the rules to let Auckland grow up and out
  • Help build a house factory in Gisborne
  • Make it easier for iwi and hapū  to build homes on their land

Decent housing for everyone

  • Build more state houses
  • Stop taking dividends from Housing New Zealand
  • $2,000 grants to help families insulate their homes or install heating
  • Require all rentals to be warm, dry, and healthy to live in 
  • Work to end homelessness

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  • Cut GP fees by $10 a visit
  • Free mental health care for high needs patients in the community
  • Mental health services in Canterbury schools
  • A nurse in every public secondary school
  • Fund Pharmac to get us the latest medicines quicker
  • Make sure all Kiwis get world-class cancer care no matter where they live
  • Increase GP training places
  • Fund the latest medicines to stop the spread of HIV
  • Review mental health in first 100 days
  • rebuild Dunedin Hospital
  • rebuild Maniototo Base Hospital in Ranfurly

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Economy and jobs 

  • Run a surplus and pay down debt
  • Adhere to our budget responsibility rules
  • Make multinationals pay their fair share
  • Create a fairer tax system where everyone pays their fair share
  • Help for young entrepreneurs to start their business
  • $200m regional infrastructure fund
  • Set up a Centre of Digital Excellence in Dunedin
  • Give unemployed young people six months work of public value
  • $16.50 minimum wage
  • Fair Pay Agreements for higher wages
  • R&D tax credits to encourage innovation
  • End secondary tax
  • $300m for priority infrastructure in Christchurch
  • Safely re-enter Pike River to recover the men
  • Set up a $75m tourism infrastructure and conservation fund
  • Make sure the Government buys Kiwi-made whenever possible
  • More flexible tax for business
  • Work with Whanganui Council to repair and redevelop the city's port.

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Families package 

  • 26 weeks paid parental leave
  • $60 a week for families with babies and toddlers
  • Boost incomes for 70% of families with kids through Working for Families
  • Help with winter power bills for superannuitants and beneficiaries

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  • Light rail for Auckland, starting with light rail to the airport
  • Commuter rail for Christchurch
  • More safe cycleways
  • Replace the Manawatu Gorge Route
  • Rapid rail between Auckland, Hamilton and Tauranga
  • Double new regional roads funding
  • Develop a congestion free network for Wellington

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Early Childhood Education

  • Reinstate extra funding for ECE centres that employ 100 per cent qualified and registered teachers
  • Require all ECE centres to employ at least 80 per cent qualified teachers by the end of our first term
  • Actively support establishing new public early childhood centres in areas of low-provision through targeted establishment grants. 


  • Get rid of school donations
  • Digital devices for school kids
  • Replace worn out classrooms

Tertiary Education

  • Three years free tertiary education and training
  • $50 more a week for student allowance and living cost payments
  • Dole for Apprentices scheme to help firms taking on apprentices
  • Funding for night classes and adult learning
  • Restoring the eligibility of students in long courses, such as medicine, to access student allowances or loans beyond seven years FTE study.

School Leavers' Toolkit

  • School Leavers’ Toolkit to to teach practical skills like financial literacy and driver's licenses 
  • Professional career advice for high school students

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  • Make our rivers and lakes swimmable again
  • A fair clean water royalty to clean up pollution
  • Put a levy on bottled water exports
  • Unemployed young people to plant trees along waterways, learning work skills and receiving mentoring

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Climate change

  • Set targets to reduce our greenhouse emissions
  • Make sure all polluters are in the Emissions Trading Scheme
  • Ensure a just transition to a sustainable low-carbon economy with decent and secure jobs
  • Establish an independent Climate Commission
  • Fully implement the 2015 Paris Climate Accords

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  • 1000 more police on the beat
  • 300 more police support staff
  • Re-open community police stations
  • Treat cannabis as a medical issue
  • End private prisons
  • Cut reoffending to bring down the crime rate

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  • Keep super at 65
  • Restart contributions to the Super Fund

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  • Take a breather on immigration
  • Double the refugee quota to 1,500
  • Make sure the regions can fill genuine skill shortages

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