New Zealand Labour Party

Third strike for Brownlee from Treasury

Gerry Brownlee should be hugely embarrassed that Treasury has given the central city recovery its third fail grade in a row, amidst revelations of further delays to the stalled convention centre project, says Labour’s Canterbury spokesperson Megan Woods.

“Treasury has given Gerry Brownlee his third strike in its latest report on major government projects, marking the Convention Centre as having major issues with ‘project definition, schedule, budget, quality.’

“This is clear evidence the Government’s approach to the central city rebuild has been a fiasco.

“The report also reveals the project has been delayed by at least another eight months, with the convention centre now not expected to open until April 2019. That’s yet another major delay for a project that is already well behind schedule.

“The Canterbury recovery has been plagued with mess and delay. Despite getting two fail grades from Treasury before, the Minister has done nothing to change the situation. All we have heard is puff and bluster from the Minister. The buck stops with him, he’s responsible. It’s well past time for him to front up and do his job.

“Five and a half years on, Cantabrians deserve a government who is committed to Christchurch and will get things moving. National has run out of excuses,” says Megan Woods