New Zealand Labour Party

Time for a change of government

Andrew Little became the first Labour Leader to speak at a Green Party conference when he addressed its AGM on Saturday.

As the Herald reported Andrew received a “rapturous response” and a standing ovation.

TVNZ’s Katie Bradford described it as a “warm welcome”, albeit with hugs and kisses all around. 

Here’s Andrew and James Shaw on Q+A.

And here’s Andrew’s speech: 

Labour’s presence at the AGM followed the two parties signing a Memorandum of Understanding to work closer together to change the government.

The MoU, is not - as several pundits were want to call it - a coalition agreement but rather, as Rob Salmond noted on his blog, “a clear, formal signal to voters about the progressive left working together to deliver an alternative vision.”

So, it's a commitment between Labour and the Greens to a coordinated approach in the lead-up to the 2017 election.