New Zealand Labour Party

Time for Paula Bennett to front up on HNZ P Fiasco


Social Housing Minister Paula Bennett needs to rein in Housing NZ and sort out the mess that’s been created by the organisation’s misuse of methamphetamine testing procedures, says Labour’s Housing spokesperson Phil Twyford.


“Housing NZ’s inability to distinguish between contamination caused by the cooking of P, and residue left by consumption of the drug, has seen it waste up to $22 million of taxpayer’s money, and unnecessarily evict hundreds of tenants.

“Paula Bennett has for years been eager to talk up the problem of meth contamination of state houses, but now she seems strangely quiet.

“She needs to show some accountability for this unravelling mess, and needs to answer some simple questions:

“Has she called in the Housing NZ chief executive and asked for an explanation?

“Is Housing NZ continuing to use the same faulty procedures to test homes for contamination?

“How much money has been spent on the dodgy tests?

“How many tenants have been evicted?

“How many tenants have been strong armed into paying clean up fees based on the dodgy tests?

“How many tenants have been black listed?

“And what is she going to do about cleaning up this mess?”