New Zealand Labour Party

Time for quality plumbing standards regime

The Government must establish an enforceable quality standards regime for plumbing, Labour’s Building and Construction spokesperson Phil Twyford says.

“Urgent action must be taken following reports today that up to 50 per cent of new homes being built in New Zealand have substandard plumbing.

“This is a ticking time bomb for homeowners. It has the potential to be our next leaky homes building issue.

“New Zealand has become a dumping ground for shoddy plumbing products. Our market is being flooded because importers cannot get their products into Australia because of its ‘WaterMark’ standards system.

“When industry representatives themselves are calling for legally enforceable standards, there is a serious issue.

“An investigation by the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment is a good start but must not drag on for years without action.

“Substandard products such as copper and lead pipes which leak into tap water, and shoddy plumbing, have the potential to make people sick and pollute our environment,” Phil Twyford says.