New Zealand Labour Party

Time to stamp out cold, mouldy rentals

New figures show a small number of landlords are letting down the sector by renting cold, mouldy rentals. These houses need to be brought up to a decent standard for people to live in by Andrew Little’s Healthy Homes Bill, says Labour’s housing spokesperson Phil Twyford.

“The new BRANZ figures show most landlords are doing a good job but the Government’s low standards allow too many rentals that are unhealthy to live in. 12 per cent of rentals are damp, 26 per cent have moderate or large patches of mould, and a third are poorly maintained.

“This study shows why National’s 1978 insulation standards are inadequate. A bit of batts in the ceiling is a start but proper standards including ventilation, heating sources, weathertightness, drainage, and modern insulation levels are needed to make rentals healthy to live in.

“With 40,000 Kiwi kids admitted to hospital each year from illnesses associated with poor quality housing, continuing to allow unhealthy homes to be rented out is just not good enough. Unhealthy homes are making our kids sick and keeping them out of school.

“National must now explain why they are opposing Andrew Little’s Healthy Homes Bill. Ensuring our rentals are healthy to live in is good for our kids, good for our families, and it will save the taxpayer on health costs.

“Andrew Little’s Healthy Homes Bill is due to return to Parliament in a couple of weeks. All parties should support it, and help ensure all our kids have a decent place to live,” says Phil Twyford.