New Zealand Labour Party

Urgent answers needed on DHB funding


Jonathan Coleman must come clean and answer questions about what actual funding DHBs received in Budget 2017, says Labour Health Spokesperson David Clark.


“Sources have revealed that Jonathan Coleman has stuffed up the funding allocations for District Health Boards.

“Jonathan Coleman has egg on his face after a Budget that he'd rather forget.

"After initially being told how much money they’d receive for 2017/18, DHB leaders were then summonsed to Wellington and told their Budget allocations will be changed.

“This has turned financial planning for crucial front line services upside down, while generating further uncertainty for thousands of DHB staff and patients.

"Minister Coleman underfunded DHBs budgets by $200 million to meet costs of the growing, elderly population. It is now clear that due to his mismanagement of health funding there will be real losers across the country.

“This mess adds insult to injury after a Budget that offered nothing new on mental health, failed to fund primary care adequately and allowed the funding shortfall under this Government's watch to stretch out to a cumulative $2.3 billion.

“While this is embarrassing for the Minister, the bigger impact is that some DHBs will have to make sharper cuts than expected. This affects patients directly. After nine years, patients deserve better. It’s time for a fresh approach,” says David Clark.