New Zealand Labour Party

US Warship visit welcomed by Labour

Labour sees the United States warship visit as a red letter day for New Zealand’s non-nuclear status, which is core to our identity and has defined us a nation for 30 years, says Labour’s Deputy Leader Annette King.

“We welcome the visit after 30 years of opposition from the United States, and see it as an acceptance of our nuclear free status.

“This issue has become core to our national identity and Labour is proud to have stood firm on New Zealand’s nuclear-free status, which National wanted to ditch as recently as 2006.

“It is up to the Prime Minister to guarantee to New Zealanders that any visiting warships, from any country, are not nuclear-powered or carrying nuclear weapons.

“Labour believes New Zealand must continue to show international leadership in promoting nuclear disarmament as well as non-proliferation,” says Annette King.