New Zealand Labour Party

Vulnerable women the victims of Govt inaction

The Government’s failure to address the housing crisis and its refusal to steps to raise wages have led to vulnerable women being exploited, Labour’s spokesperson for Women Ruth Dyson says.

Reports today that women are being offered free rent in exchange for sex are shocking.

“National has refused to take significant and effective steps to fix the housing shortage, particularly in Auckland and Christchurch. This has seen rents skyrocket in recent years. 

“At the same time the Government has done nothing to raise incomes; in fact it has even heralded our low wage economy as an asset.

“Low income earners, especially students, often cannot afford rent. 

“John Key and his ministers should hang their head in shame that vulnerable women in this country are having to consider offering sexual favours simply to put a roof over their heads,” Ruth Dyson says.