New Zealand Labour Party

Walking the talk on sexual violence

Te Tai Tokerau MP Kelvin Davis is putting election campaign promises into action, organising a hīkoi to raise awareness around sexual violence.

The 17-day MASSIVE (Men Against Sexual Violence) walk – from the electorate’s southern boundary to the northern tip – is to raise awareness and encourage people to speak out about sexual violence. 

“One of my priorities coming in to Parliament was to stand up and say enough is enough over sexual violence.

“Women have, in the main, had to carry the burden of sexual violence on their own for too long. MASSIVE is a rallying cry for any man who opposes sexual violence, against anybody, in any shape or form, be it verbal, physical or emotional.

“The greatest enabler of sexual violence is silence. Generations are crippled by the ‘big secret’ they carry for most of their lives. It has got to stop.”

All political parties have got behind the event and a help-line (0800 MASSIVE) will be available early next week for anyone wanting to disclose issues around sexual violence, Kelvin Davis said.